What they should do… to fix billiards

Published in The Sunday Age Sports 10/4/11

What they should do… to fix billiards.When was the last time you watched a game of billiards live on TV? Never! It’s not interesting. There’s no excitement, no threat in failure. Sure somebody could win a few thousand dollars but what the world wants is action, blood, violence mayham and stuff like that. Not a ball rolling towards a hole in a repetitive manner – golf exempted.

I say put some fingers on the line! Remember the Australian movie in the 1980s in which the characters play a game of billiards and cut each others fingers off if they missed critical shots or hit a pre ordained obstacle? The name of this film escapes me, but you get the idea.

There is far more drama involved in billiards if a player is two frames down, playing for a bundle of cash and doing so without the use of recently-detached-ring fingers.

This idea will bring edgeoftheseat viewer excitement and add a degree of difficulty to the game itself. Have you tried playing any cue sport using only your knuckles? It’s hard enough to sweep with a broom with out the full array of digits, let alone compete on a green at an international standard.

Cutting fingers off in the name of sport. That’s entertainment.

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