What they should do is… give Paul Reiffel his own TV show.

Published in The Sunday Age Sports 30/1/11 with editor’s changes as marked.

What they should do… is give Paul ‘Pistol’ Reiffel his own TV show. It could be called Paul ‘Pistol’ Reiffel: the competent Australian and in it he could describe how to reasonably go about things without fuss and in a practical manner.

Guests could include Marcus Ashcroft on “How to contribute to the running of a football team on and off the pitch without drawing too much attention to oneself”, a chef (nobody springs to mind) could host a segment entitled “Good cooking is about eating some nice food and to which-end this is how you accomplish that”, and political correspondent Misha Schubert can inform, with a bite-sized video sting package, of recent events surrounding “The good points and notsogood points about policy recommendations proposed of late, and some worthy notes about policies that have already been passed”.

You see Paul, now that Reiffel, who has (if the media is accurate in its reporting of nicknames) been referred to as Pistol for a number of years in a cunning play of words relating to another word that sounds awfully like his surname of Reiffel, is something of an oddity amongst Australian sport and I feel more could be made of it.

The former Australian quickish-line-and-length-with-occasional-unexplained-swing bowler has somewhat managed the impossible in so much as he performed at a high level for a number of years without, that is without mind you, a sordid controversy or drawnout questions and long prose about his involvement in the game at said high level. Then he went and managed to do the same thing after retiring (which I assume he did do despite not much appearing on the subject in google).

All this is sensational stuff. He is happily married, that’s right! married!, and to the same woman for a number of years. He has a steady job he appears to enjoy. And if that does not blow you down he doesn’t seem embroiled in anything.

It is an unlikely set of events and one worth making something of. There must be a huge target audience that is not been marketed to by this kind of level-headed wellrespected ex-cricketer. Sure it is that clothing stores and tattoo parlours might not see any moolah out of it, and tabloid papers might have to concentrate on someone else’s private life, yet still I can’t believe some ‘guru’ in programming hasn’t though of it yet! Perhaps they’re already testing a series with Adam Dale.

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