Can we be more than friends?

Submitted to LeftLion: Nottingham Culture (UK)
I invited you around for some playstation
But it is now time that I come clean
The true purpose of my social invitation
Is to say in you what I have seen
A decade as friends I’ve been pining
It is more than a crush I suppose
Every pub we’ve been drinking, curry house we’ve been dining
I’ve wanted to take your hand and propose
But I’ve needed to build up the courage
Over years to realise today
Now we take the first steps to marriage
As I say everything I’ve wanted to say
That we could be more than just chums
Who play board games, cards and banter
We could kiss, cuddle and touch bums,
During pizza, wine night and x-factor
Remember all the late night conversations?
The times you slept on the divan?
Now you know my new heart’s revelations
And that watching you sleep has long been a plan
Yes let’s be more than just friends
It’s not creepy I assure you
Ten years of liking was playing pretend
In truth I simply adore you
I’ve stared while you’re in the shower
Watched through holes I carved in the screen
There is no love greater than my power
To follow you no matter where you have been
I strongly recommend we be lovers
You know I know where you live
So let’s get bumpy under my covers
Or I’ll slit your throat with a shiv
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