Packed for Melbourne

This could be the most important paper of my MICF 2019

If you like story narrative, this piece of paper says it all.

Establish character.

Outline problem.

Present obstacles.

Find solution.

Show resolution.

That is the process of a story. Any good story would likely have this. At least life is easier with a narrative structure.

For my coming Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, I was struggling with writing. The problem was I had heaps of problems for the character and I couldn’t see how to reason them towards a goal.

By organising the problems as obstacles, that sit under one major goal, I could simplify the story.

It also allows for character development. People love character development. Through the experiences of life a character should change. Focusing that change in relation to the problem/goal helps the narrative. Give it drive by making it important to the character, hopefully a likeable and realistic character.

Sure. This doesn’t sound funny. That’s because this is all just a framework for the humour to sit on, and give it pathos. That’s important in any writing.

What have I done this year?

To start 2018 I got to the final of a stand-up comedy competition in Manchester, England, applauded by 250 people. Then a spot with success in Iceland. Back to Australia for some sold out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I then produced a couple of Women of Wit all female comedian shows with great success. Then the Bendigo Comedy Festival and Movember Fundraiser. Plus rebooting the Bendigo Standard which now approaches 1000 followers. I also have two books at the printers.

There was also a failed attempt at a relationship, and further romance incompetence. Some nights and mornings crying from loneliness. I avoided my birthday due to the scrutiny and pain it brings. Plus employment rejections, study stress, trouble with work colleagues, and verbal attacks from friends resulting in more isolation.

I also saw BMX Bandits on the big screen. So swings and roundabouts… meaning I like swings but roundabouts make me giddy.

Happy 2019 everyone.