Putting Movember Comedy Night posters up around #Bendigo


It’s just an image

So I made a meme but I’m all torn up about it.

I love the man looking at the wall of an empty pool.

It’s beautiful.

The message of the duel images is true.

People think, single person must be tearing it up and having a wild time.

But with whom?

That’s the dichotomy.

I think it’s funny, real and relatable to the long term single like myself.

I don’t want pity.

I just want to show reality, and laugh at those who think being single is the good life.

You know?

That’s all.

I shouldn’t have to defend myself, but I know what will happen if I post the image without this caveat.

I’ll get told to stop moping and go out and have fun.

Well, that’s not the message here.